Botanic Gardens Trust Sydney

10 April 2006

“As Executive Director of the Botanic Gardens Trust, I am pleased to have the support of ME Lighting.

During 2005 ME Lighting proudly sponsored the ‘Connections Garden’ (at Mount Annan Botanic Garden), which demonstrates the interconnectedness of humans and the natural world, and ‘Sex and Death’ (in the Tropical Centre at the Royal Botanic Gardens) an exciting exhibition about the evolutionary processes of the orchids and carnivorous plants.

The Botanic Gardens Trust is committed to the enviromental sustainability in all our operations, partnerships and programs.  The LED energy efficient lighting products manufactured by ME Lighting are consistent with the environmental commitment of the Trust.

On behalf of the Trust, I am pleased to have the partnership with ME Lighting.”

Dr Tim Entwisle
Executive Director

Fleming’s Nurseries

2 June 2006

“Dear Andy and Loretta,

I would really like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the ‘Australian Garden’ entry to the Chelsea Flower Show this year.  Your friendship and support helped make this a reality and has gone a very long way towards ensuring the 2006 Australian entry was something everyone will remember.

Your forward thinking, willingness to be inolved and help in any way throught the show build up and show period has been an absolute pleasure to witness and be invilved with!  We, as Australians are amazing people and the effort that we all went to, to ensure that our entry was a standout, in particular making sure that the garden was a showpiece at night (even though Chelsea is a daytime show) speaks volumes about us.

We are excited by what we have achieved this year at Chelsea and going into it I felt sure this would be our last year,  but alas we are considering returning again in 2007,  I have now had three meetings with a Melbourne based designer.

From our point of view,  ME’s involvement this year has been a great success and it seems clear that we work well together enabling all parties to gain the very most of the experience.

It is not yet certain we will return to present a fourth garden at Chelsea next year, should we decide to return we would be excited at the potential of working with you again in 2007 if at all possible.

Thanks again for your contributions towards making 2006 a VERY memorable year for all concerned.”


Wes Fleming
Fleming’s Nurseries

The Wollemi Pine

September 5, 2006

“Dear Loretta & Andy

On behalf of the team at Wollemi Pine International,  we would like to thank you both very much for your generous supporting in lighting our Wollemi Pine Feature Garden at the 2006 Gardening Australia Expo.

We were really happy with the look of the stand and felt that the lights were a real feature of the display.

It was great to also have the help of Andy and the boys in pulling the stand together at the last minute.

We hope you had a great time visiting the show.

We look forward to working together again in the future.”

Kind regards

The Wollemi Pine International Team