Remote Controls and Transmitters


The GIGALINK™ remote controls and transmitters are used in wireless switching applications. They are available with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8 buttons or inputs. The transmission is secure with over 4 billion code combinations and an operating range of up to 500 metres with the remote controls and 1000 metres is possible with the high powered transmitters.




  • Extremely energy efficient reducing the amount of C02 emissions being emitted into the environment
  • Up to 90% savings in energy bills
  • No changing of globes for decades – original light life will last 50,000 hours approx.
  • No disposal or landfill issues
  • A cool beam is generated – no more burning of foliage, pets, wondering fingers, wildlife, timber structures etc
  • Ambient temperature: -200C — 400C
  • Voltage drop is minimal on long runs
  • Reduction in household carbon footprint
  • No UV and IR radiation