About Us

Company History

ME Lighting began in June 2003, as the marketing and manufacturing division of Maitland Enterprises. Early success with the sales and marketing of the LED lighting products allowed ME Lighting to incorporate in June 2004.

The focus of ME Lighting is to provide energy efficient, creative lighting solutions for the garden & landscape market. Maitland Enterprises is involved in the research and development of new and innovative LED lighting products for ME Lighting.

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LED Lighting Developments

The arrival of the super bright white LED in the late 90’s created an exciting range of possible new applications. Testing of this new type of LED lighting began immediately. Early sales and installations for the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in late 2000 confirmed that the LED lighting had great potential.

Since this time both companies have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience with super bright LED lighting. The latest innovations, including colour and even higher light output offer many new solutions for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.